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Whole Wheat Flour, Chakki fresh Atta - Cholias pure and tasty


Whole Wheat Flour | Chakki Fresh Atta

pure & tasty GOLD Chakki fresh Atta  I  100% Sharbati Whole Wheat Flour is milled from pure Sharbati wheat, which has a characteristic aroma and value addition in the preparation of soft and good quality flat breads.

pure & tasty PREMIUM Chakki fresh Atta  I  100% Whole Wheat Flour is milled from sortexed lokman wheat for preparation of soft , flat & leavened bread.

* Disc milled from fully automatic plant maintaining hygiene, safety & security.

GOLD Packing size - 1kg
GOLD Packing size - 2kg
GOLD Packing size - 5kg
PREMIUM Packing size - 1kg
PREMIUM Packing size - 2kg
PREMIUM Packing size - 5kg